Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Musial Milestones and Auto

Last week a posted about the Leaf Heroes of Baseball blaster I bought at Target for $12.99. There is one insert set included, 20-card Leaf Heroes of Baseball Musial Milestones set. In addition to the box containing the entire base set, it had the entire insert set as well.

The 20-card autographed set, are the same as the Milestones set with an altered front photo and a sticker auto. Each box was promised an auto. The auto came in a top loader, which I don't think I've ever seen in a blaster.

Sticker or no, I'm happy to get a Musial auto for such a low price. The autograph itself is terrible. So much so I wondered at it's authenticity. For whatever good this does me on the back is says that the Leaf Trading Card Company guarantees the authenticity of the auto. While looking around for some info in these autographs I found this post by Mario over at Wax Heaven. I sure don't know how to value this card. There are a bunch of these on eBay, mostly "buy-it nows" at $25-$35. Most of the bids are starting at $0.99. A bid just ended while I was writing this post at $27.

Here are some cards from the Milestones insert set.

Card #1 without the sticker.

Card #5. I'm not clear what the 300 means. Musial got 300 of a lot of things.

Card #12. I wonder how many bats he used in his career.

Card #17. Is he gonna hit that?

Card #20. In 21 seasons in the major leagues, Musial managed to appear in 24 All-Star Games. How is that possible? In 1959-1962, there were 2 All-Star Games each season. I don't know how that worked but Musial appeared in both games each year.

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