Thursday, August 13, 2015

Repack finds

I like to buy repacks early in the year and then save them until later in the year when new cards get hard to find. I bought this one back in April. This was one of those 100-card Fairfield repacks that come in the plastic clam shells you need a laser cutter to get into.  Here I'm opening it up.

You have to be careful using these things as you can accidentally set the cards on fire. Or worst, cut a hole clear through to the basement.

Of the 100 cards in the pack, I needed 46 of them. Which I consider a good ratio. By the way, when I say I got a card I need, it's not necessarily a card I was looking for. That's how I got to 95,000+ cards, by keeping every card I buy, unless it's a duplicate.

Here are some of the better cards in year order.

1976 Topps #23 Brian Downing
 I don't have a lot of cards from the 1970s that aren't Phillies cards so I'm always happy to see some. These repacks always seem to have 4-5 of them. In the '70s I was more of a Phillies fan and not so knowledgeable about the rest of baseball, especially the American League. These red White Sox unis just blow me away every time I see one.

1976 Topps #437 Terry Forster
 Another of those red White Sox unis. I remember Forster mainly with the Dodgers and Braves in the 1980s.

1976 Topps #125 Don Baylor
I'm more familiar with Don Baylor as a manager rather than a player.

1976 Topps #256 Rowland Office
This is an 11-year player that I never heard of. Can you Braves fans out there give an opinion on whether or not this card is air brushed? I would vote yes.

1988 Fleer Glossy #184 Andres Galarraga
 I probably didn't buy any 1988 Fleer when it was new. In those days I was a Topps guy. But I kind of like this design and the Glossy version is very nice. There were two of the 1988 Fleer Glossy in the pack. The other was Sam Horn.

1988 Pacific Eight Men Out
 "Eight Men Out" was a 1988 movie staring, among others, John Cusack, Charlie Sheen, and Christopher Lloyd about the 1919 "Black Sox" scandal. Pacific put out this 110-card set featuring scenes from the film. I've pulled 10 of these now from repacks. If you're interested enough, and I'm not, you can get the 110-card set on eBay for around 10 bucks.

1988 Bazooka #13 Tony Gwynn
This is a nice little 22-card set that I now have 17 of.

1991 Topps 1953 Archives #94 William Kennedy

This 1991 set was, I think, one of Topps earliest attempts to utilize it's past to sell new sets. It is a beautifully produced 330-card set. I own all the Phillies from the set but just a handful of other players. The cards have nice color and a nice glossy finish.

1991 Upper Deck #668 John Wetteland
Wetteland found something to laugh about in 1991, even though it wasn't his best season. He was 1-0 in 9 IP with the Dodgers. He was traded to the Reds for Eric Davis and later to the Expos for Dave Martinez but didn't pitch for either team. This is an example of a card I actually want as I'm trying to complete this set.

2005 Leaf Limited #71 Milton Bradley
Another card I actually wanted as I didn't have any cards from this set. This goes right into the reference books.

2006 Topps National Baseball Card Day #7 Alex Rodriguez
Whatever happened to National Baseball Card Day?

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