Friday, August 28, 2015

The first Photoshopped baseball card?

This is a clipping from a 1993 edition of USA Today's Baseball Weekly.

I had cut out the piece and saved it with my Fred McGriff cards. Too bad it's not in color.

Photoshop was released to the public, on the Macintosh, in 1988, according to Wikipedia. The first Window's version was available in 1992. This 'computer enhancement' was probably done in the summer of 1993. I don't know what other computer programs were available in those days for 'image retouching' but Photoshop as been the most well known program for a long time.

The article makes this sound like a new practice when Topps had been air brushing cards for at least 20 years by this time.

I sure wish I had that Platinum Power card. The photo is on the back of the card. Here's an image I swiped from

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Hackenbush said...

Cool! I guess photoshopping isn't quite the same thing as airbrushing. You'd got to admit it is was big step forward.