Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Reference Cards #4 - 2000 Bowman Draft Picks

This will be a shot post since the set didn't had only on insert set, no parallels and no subsets.

This was the first year for Bowman Draft Pick. If you've been following along on my earlier posts in this series, you'll notice that the cards have the exact same design as 2000 Bowman. In 2000 Bowman, the regular player cards had gold foil while the "Rookie Cards" had silver foil. That pretty much makes them indistinguishable from the 2000 Bowman Draft Pick. In 2001, Bowman added the prefix "BDP" to the card number.

There aren't many notable players from this set. The top players are, in addition to Sizemore, Pat Burrell, Barry Zito, Adam Wainwright, Adrian Gonzalez, and Mark Buehrle. Your opinions, of course, may differ.

Most of the 110 players in the set had been drafted in 1999 or 2000. Some of them had already had their major league debut. These players had their debut date stamped on the card in silver foil. But there were some players who had a date of 00/00/00, like this one.

Chen didn't actually make his debut until 2002.

I bought a hobby box of this at the time which included the entire set. Each box came with one auto. There were 60 autos available.
The autographed cards had a different design and the autos are on-card. The backs have a "Certified Auto" holograph sticker on the back which doesn't scan well.

There was also available a complete chrome parallel set. I only have one of these which I must have found in a repack.

Boxes of both these sets are readily available on eBay. Here's a link to the checklist at

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