Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Topps Wacky Packages Chrome - Seriously

A few weeks ago I posted a sad photo of the Target card rack showing it overtaken by football cards plus a photo of a box of Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome. One of my commentators mentioned that there was also Topps Wacky Packages Chrome. I bought a pack so you won't have to.

The pack had 4 cards for $2.99 plus tax. That works out to $0.81/card. Pretty pricey but you can get the entire 107-card set, plus the 3 checklist cards for about $15 on eBay. Not tempting enough for me, I'm afraid.

There is certainly some appeal here for your inner 10-year-old. The set is a reprint of cards originally issued between 1967 and 1973, when I was considerably past being a 10-year-old. The backs are essentially blank. The wrappers are see-through on one side so you can see the top card in the pack.

The set has parallels (Refractors and Superfractors) insert cards and even artist autograph cards. There are even printing plates. I pulled one of the refractors, not a hard feat since they are inserted 1:2 packs.

I also pulled one of the inserts, called Wacky Ads

There are 36 of these. Based on only one example, and that I saw a full sized Popsie card in another pack, my guess is that the front of this insert features a regular card with another card on the back on a billboard. The cards are a bit narrower than the regular cards.

The best card in the pack was this.
A sophomoric spoof on themselves! Note the altered old-fashioned Topps logo at the top. It you can't read it, it says "APeS" on the cap.


night owl said...

If these were just reprints -- not chrome -- of the original Wacky Packs, I would buy this gladly, as I bought Wacky originals back in '70s and luuuuuuuved them.

Julie Owens said...

Thanks for saving me a few $$$! I do rather like the APES card. All cards the same. Made me chuckle out loud. Should I be embarrassed?

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