Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 cards - Infielders

Yesterday it was catchers. Let's look at infielders today.

2014 Bowman #42 Kolten Wong
That's how you look the ball right into the glove.

2014 Topps #94 Mitch Moreland
I also like shots where the ball is caught in mid-air.

2014 Topps #172 Rickie Weeks
David Wright erased on the front-end of a double play.

2014 Topps #187 Justin Turner
You don't often see a card featuring three players.

2014 Topps #232 Chris Owings
Another 3-player card although one player is just a leg. It's not clear to me what's going on here.

2014 Topps #559 Asdrubal Cabrera
My first though was this was an attempted steal. But since Iglesias only attempted to steal 3 bases as a Tiger last year it's more likely a force at second.

2014 Topps #567 Donovan Solano
A 4-player card!

2014 Topps Blue Walmart #411 Josh Rutledge
That's B. J. forced at second.

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