Friday, October 10, 2014

My Reference Cards #5 - 2000 Bowman Chrome

2000 Bowman Chrome was a full parallel set to 2000 Bowman, all 440 cards. I own exactly 4 cards from the set - the Astros. The cards have the same design as 2000 Bowman with the addition of the Topps Chrome technology.

As with the base set, red means veteran players, blue means rookies.

I got the 4 Astros cards in trades with other bloggers.

The set had some different parallels and inserts from the base set.

The over sized cards came one to a hobby box. The backs are the same as the regular cards. This card was a gift from a friend of the blog. Thanks, Max!

As with all Chrome sets there are Refractor parallels but I don't have any. This is before the days when there were multiple kinds of Refractors (like X-Fractors) or colored bordered Refractors.

As with the base set there were the Future/Retro parallels. I only have a Future.

I got this card through a trade.  There are Refractor versions of these as well.

The 15-card Chrome only insert set "Bidding for the Call". In 2000, Cust was still in the minors, just bidding his time waiting to be called up to the majors. I paid $0.25 for this at a card show in 2012.

 Another Chrome only insert, the 10-card "Rookie Class 2000" insert. This is the Refractor version. I bought this on eBay for $1.75 back in 2003.

There were a couple of other insert sets which I don't have yet: the 10-card set called "Meteoric Rise" and the 15-card set called "Teen Idols". Both of these had Refractor versions.

There was also a 110-card Chrome parallel for Bowman Draft Picks, available only as a factory set. I only have one of them and I don't know how I got it. The only reason I even know it's from the Chrome Draft Pick set is by comparing checklists.

That almost does it for 2000 Bowman products. All that's left is Bowman's Best.

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