Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Reference Cards #6 - 2000 Bowman's Best

This was the 7th year for Bowman's Best. In 2000, the base set had 200 cards. I don't have many cards from this set because I didn't buy any of it when it was live.

The first 85 cards were veteran players.
These cards have a golden cast and are printed on stiff white card stock. This is one of only two I have and I got it in a repack in August 2004 for about 8 cents.

Cards 86-100 are the "Best Performers" subset.
I paid $0.17 for this as part of a lot of 50 Bagwell cards I bought on eBay in August 2013.

Cards 101-150 look like the first 85 except with a silver cast. These all appear to be rookie players. Cards 151-200 are serial numbered (to 2999) rookie cards. I don't have any cards numbered over 100.

The set had a number of insert sets, including a 5-card autographed set available through a redemption program.  I only have on of the inserts.

 The "Franchise 2000" set was inserted 1 in 18 packs. There are 25 cards in the set. Lots of silver holographic foil in the front. I got this one for $0.75 at a card show in August 2013.

That's all I have for 2000 Bowman's Best. Coming up next is 2000 Crown Royal.

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