Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Topps Update - Dull, Dull, Dull

If you think I'm trying to say something about how I feel about 2014 Topps Update by the title of this post, you're right.

I bought a blaster box and one of those hanger boxes, for a total of 148 cards. There were only 3 duplicate cards. I shared the only reall good card last Friday, the manufactured patch card featuring Mike Schmidt.

What is my measurement of dull? I think that cards showing the batter in his batting stance are about as dull as a card can be. I pulled 107 base cards. Of these, 13 featured a batting stance photo. That's 12% of the base cards. Is that a lot? Compared to Topps Series 1 and 2 it is. I pulled 288 base Topps Series 1 and 2. Nine of these were batting stance cards. That's just 3 %.  You decide if Topps Update is dull.

There were a handful of cards whose photos rose above the blandness.

Topps Update #68 Justin Turner
Good action shot of Turner, formerly with the Mets, flying over Paul Goldschmidt of the D-Backs to make a throw to 1st.

Topps Update #174 Jace Peterson
Good catch and throw shot and look at that dirty uniform!

Topps Update #176 Michael Brantley
I'm not suggesting this is an interesting shot. This is to illustrate that most of the All-Star Game subset is about a dull as this one. What is he even doing?

Topps Update #203 Cole Figueroa

Topps Update #230 Kurt Suzuki
You can usually count on a good catcher shot when Suzuki is involved.  I'm used to him in the green and yellow though.

Topps Update #236 Jerome Williams
Williams sporting the pink glove for breast cancer awareness. Williams became the first player in MLB history to defeat the same team 3 times with three different teams in the same season. Williams spent parts of 2014 with the Astros, the Rangers and the Phillies. He beat the A's while with each team. The Phillies were impressed with Williams and have already signed him for 2015.

I'll probably feature some insert cards tomorrow.  If I can stand the excitement.

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