Friday, October 3, 2014

2004 Draft Picks - How did they do? Part 4

When we get down to draft pick #31, it feels like we're scrapping the bottom of the barrel. But there were 50 rounds to the 2004 draft. That means there were 1,457 players picked after the first round. I'm going to follow up this post with the bottom ten players who actually played in the majors.

2009 Topps Heritage #587 J. P. Howell
Pick #31 by the Royals. Howell made his ML debut in 2005. He was a starter early in his career but was converted to a reliever in 2008. He's mainly been a middle relieve although the Rays used him as a closer in 2009 when he saved 17 games. He's currently pitching for the Dodgers.

Zach Jackson. Pick #32 by the Blue Jays. Zach was a starting pitcher who compiled a 4-5 record with the Brewers and Indians between 2006 and 2009. He's currently in AAA with the Nationals. I don't own a single card of his.

2004 Just Rookies #57 Justin Orenduff
Pick #33 by the Dodgers. Orenduff was a pitcher who lasted 7 years in the Dodgers system without ever being called up.

Tyler Lumsden. Pick #34 by the White Sox. Another pitcher who never made it out of the minors. There are no Lumsden cards in my collection.

2004 Bowman Draft Picks #90 Matt Fox
Pick #35 by the Twins. It looks like Matt made his ML debut on 9/3/10, started one game, pitching 5.2 innings with no result. He was then released by the Twins and picked off waivers by the Red Sox on 9/9/10. He appeared in 3 games, 1.2 innings, with an ERA of 10.8. He was released by the Red Sox on 9/28. So in the space of 25 days he pitched for 2 ML teams. And that was his whole ML career.

2007 Topps Turkey Red #85 Danny Putnam
 Pick # 36 by the A's. Putman hit 0.214 for the A's in 28 at bats in 2007. Then it was back to the minors until 2011.

Jon Poterson. Pick #37 by the Yankees. Another guy who never made it out of the minors and for which I have no cards.

2006 Bowman Draft Picks Future's Game Prospects #7 Gio Gonzalez
Pick #38 by the White Sox. In 2005 the White Sox Gonzalez traded to the Phillies with Aaron Rowen. In 2006 the Phillies traded him with Gavin Floyd to the A's for Freddy Garcia. The Phillies eventually lost out on that deal as Garcia was a bust and Gonzales is now a top pitcher for the Nationals with an 80-58 career record.

2004 Topps Traded #76 Jay Rainville
Pick #39 by the Twins. Drafted right out of high school, he lasted in the minors until 2009 before being released. What becomes of guys like this?

2006 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #38 Huston Street
Pick #40 by the A's. Another successful pitcher from this group. In a 10-year career, Street has pitched for the A's, the Rockies, the Padres and is currently with the Dodgers. He has a 36-29 record, 275 saves and a career ERA of 2.82. He was the 2005 Rookie of the Year and is a 2-time All-Star.

2010 Topps Update #201 Jeffrey Marquez
Pick #41 by the Yankees. Jeff pitched 1 inning for the White Sox in 2010 and 3 innings for the Yankees in 2011. Just enough time for a cup of coffee and maybe a doughnut.

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