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Phorgotten Phillie Phile - Dennis Cook

Dennis Cook was an 18th round draft pick by the Giants in 1985. He came up to the majors in 1988 and after 6 starts for the Giants he was traded to the Phillies along with Charlie Hayes and Terry Mulholland for reliever Steve Bedrosian in 1989.

1989 Fleer Update #104 Dennis Cook

Both Hayes and Mulholland had a bigger impact on the Phillies than Cook did. Bedrosian was well past whatever prime he had although he did save 17 games for the Giants in 1989. Cook went 6-8 in 16 starts for the Phillies in 1989. This was a Phillies team that lost 95 games.

1990 Leaf #342 Dennis Cook

Cook was 8-3 in 43 appearances (13 starts) for the slightly improved Phillies (77-85) in 1990. He also had 1 save. The Phillies traded him to the Dodgers in September for catcher Darren Fletcher.

1990 Topps Tiffany #633 Dennis Cook
I see on the back of the Topps Tiffany card that Cook went to high school in Dickinson Texas. I live about 2 miles from Dickinson these days.

Cook's career with the Phillies (including a brief return in 2001): 14-11, 89 games, 29 starts, 1 save and an ERA 3.81. He was a forgettable player on a pretty forgettable team.

Cook had a pretty long career with an opportunity to be forgotten by many fans. In addition to the Giants and Phillies, he also played for the Dodgers, Indians, White Sox, Rangers, Marlins, Mets and Angels. And he wasn't a terrible pitcher, he finished his 15-year career with a 64-46 record and 9 saves.  I say any pitcher that lasts 15 years and has a winning record is pretty good. He soaked up a lot of innings in his career which is something teams need.

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deal said...

My over analysis of Cook's 1990F #554 Card http://phungo.blogspot.com/2014/05/every-picture-tells-story-1990-fleer.html

Also the 2001 Phils team was pretty decent (not great, but good) Cook was a reliever they traded for and needed, but he had some sort of personal issue, I think his wife was having a difficult pregnancy and he missed a few weeks.