Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Magazine

I have a small collection of "pocket magazines" which I got from my Dad. These magazines measure 5" by 4" and run about 70 pages. They feature news stories, sports, celebrity news, and lots of photos. Some of them are really "pin-up" mags with titles like "He", "Show" and "Tempo". One is called "People Today" and is very much like the current "People" magazine with celebrity news and gossip. I wasn't able to find anything in searching the Internet on these. The issues I have run from 1951 to 1961.

"Quick" was more focused on news stories. It was published by the same company which published "Look" magazine. "Look" was a large format magazine which competed with "Life" magazine. I can remember both being around my house in the 1960's and 1970's.

This issue was probably on the newsstands the week after I was born. It was an election year and I'm guessing by the coverage in this issue and several others that "Quick" favored Ike.The lead article was "Is it Sensible to Live On A Budget?". The answer in the first line of the article was no. But then the article went on to tell you how to set up a budget.

I suspect that this issue, if it was in a little better shape, might be worth some money due to the cover and the article about her inside.
This was very early in her career. "Can you live to be 100?". The article concludes that by the year 2000, many people would be living past 100. I'm not quite sure that's true.
The ads are fun to read. This was when big American iron was king. Look at this car. It looks like 6 people could sit in the front seat. 140 HP! "Red Ram V-8 Engine"! Makes me salivate.
I have no idea what this stuff was. All I could find on the Internet was people selling other Corn Soya ads. Apparently it was good for you.
Rich in dextrose! In the '50s, sugar was good for you.
Some baseball news. Click on the picture so you can read the story about the end of the 1951 baseball season. It took me a few seconds to realize why the manager of the Dodgers was wearing a cap with a "B" on it.
Something you don't see in magazines today, cigarette ads. The point of this ad seems to be that cigarettes are pretty nasty, but Old Golds aren't too bad.
Another thing you don't see in magazines, an ad for trains. My Dad, for a time in the 1940s, worked for the main competitor of Pullman, Budd Co. Does Boeing run adds suggesting that you fly more often?

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