Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 ways to reach 1st base

On the Car Talk radio show a few weeks ago, the trivia question was "What are the 5 ways a person can reach first base without hitting the ball?"

I'm not above taking ideas for blog posts from where ever I can find them. My first thought was to illustrate the 5 ways with baseball cards but after looking at over 500 cards, I couldn't a single card which illustrated any of them. So I turned to Google Image.

Base on Balls
Hit by Pitch
Craig Biggio setting modern record for HBP with 268 on June 29, 2005

Wild Pitch Strike Out
I had to settle for a clear wild pitch
Catcher's Interference

Being sent in as a pitch runner
According to the caption on this picture, Lou Gehrig made his Yankee debut as a pinch runner on June 15, 1923


Dubbs said...

Awesome post, Cliff. I love baseball nerds and I am glad I'm not the only one. Kudos, sir.

Dinged Corners said...