Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fistfull of Bagwells

I received another box of mixed Phillies and Astros cards from Eric yesterday. Since there are so many nice cards, I'm going to use his generosity as an excuse for making several posts. Let's start with Jeff Bagwell. There were 30 Bagwell cards from the early 1990s, 17 of which I didn't have. The cards in bold are cards I didn't have.

1991 Leaf Gold Rookies #14
1991 Upper Deck #755
1992 Donruss #358
1992 Pinnacle #70
1992 Stadium Club #330. I had this card but I really like it.
1992 Stadium Club #606
1992 Topps #520 (I'm showing the back of this card for a reason which will be clear later).
1992 Triple Play #200
1992 Triple Play Gallery of Stars #7 Triple Play was produced by Donruss for a few years. The Gallery of Stars was similar to Donruss Diamond Kings. I love this card!
1992 Upper Deck #276. This card should be in the baseball dictionary next to the entry for "bad hop".
1993 Fleer #46
1993 Fun Pack #43. This was a one-year set by Upper Deck aimed at a younger audiance. I like cards featuring an infielder taking a throw like this.
1993 Leaf Gold All-Stars #3. He's on the back, Cecil Fielder is on the front.
1993 Pinnacle #10
1993 Pinnacle #297. The Idols subset. Bagwell is paired with Carl Yastrzemski.
1993 Select #113
1993 Upper Deck #256. This is why I showed the back of his 1992 Topps card. It appears to me that Jeff is autographing a baseball card in this picture and if I'm not mistaken, it's his 1992 Topps card (click on the picture to get a better look).
1993 Ted Williams #159. Part of a subset called "Dawning of a Legacy".
1993 Hostess #19. Apparently these came packaged with cupcakes which looked like baseballs. I've never seen one of these before.
1994 Collector's Choice #329. A checklist card.
1994 Collector's Choice #590. The shadowy figure in the background has to be his long time double play partner, Craig Biggio.
1994 Donruss #365

1994 Fleer #483

1994 Pinnacle #483 I've become interested recently in trying to identify other players on a card. I'm pretty sure that catcher is the Cubs' Rick Wilkins.
1994 Score #483. This one's pretty easy, the Pirates' Jeff King.
1994 Topps #40

1994 Ultra #203

1995 Leaf #119

1995 Score #221 I think that is the Padres' Derek Bell. Since this is a 1995 card, the photo was most likely taken in 1994. In 1995, Bell and Bagwell were teammates on the Astros and the legend of the Killer B's began.


Andy said...

The Bagwell photo with the ball in the background is odd. The ball is so out of focus that I'm thinking it didn't go by him but rather was hit to the outfield, and he's getting into position for whatever play is going on.

capewood said...

Taking another look I guess the ball is behind him. It still could have gone between his legs. I was thinking that the look on his face indicated he'd blown the play.