Friday, March 6, 2009

Package from the Cardboard Junkie

The other day I posted that my Quest for the 1987 Topps set had been thwarted once again when I made a physical count of the cards and found 6 missing. I'd barely made the post when I got emails from dayf (the Cardboard Junkie) and Max (who's already contributed to the Quest) that the 6 cards were on their way. dayf's package got here first. I'm just posting the Jamie Moyer card. I think he is probably the only player featured in this set who is still playing today.In addition to the 1987 Topps, he sent me some old wax, and I do mean wax, as in cards wrapped in waxed paper. 1990 Donruss! Win Instantly! Although I know many people don't like this set, I've always liked it. Something about the red borders and the confetti strewn background just clicks with me.
The inside of the wrapper gives the rules of the contest. There is a game piece you cut out. If you get both sides of the same game piece, you win. I've got half the Grand Prize game piece on this wrapper. $10,000 and a trip for 4 to the 1991 All-Star Game! Alas, I wasn't an instant winner.

Of the 16 cards in the pack, I didn't have 9 of them. A pretty good ratio considering I have almost 400 cards from the set. I was happy to pull these two cards I didn't have.

And as if that wasn't enough, he set me a collection of Jeff Bagwell cards. I had most of them, except for these two. This card is a 2004 SP Game Used Patch. Apparently, the base cards didn't actually have a patch on them. I didn't have any cards from this set.
And this is a 2005 Upper Deck Trilogy, another set I didn't have any of. Any similarity you see between these two cards is probably just your imagination.


dayf said...

Glad to help finish a set... The Donruss pack is originally from Zman.

night owl said...

Trilogy. That's a new one on me.