Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 Topps Throwbacks (from Target)

I hadn't been in Target looking for baseball cards in over a week. I stopped in today and hit the jackpot. The Topps blasters with the "Throwback" cards, Topps Heritage balsters (I bought one even though I just bought a hobby box, and some loose packs as well) and Topps Attax started boxes. More about the Heritage and Attax later. First the Throwbacks. These have been talked about for over a month and as near as I can tell, nobody else has shown them on their blog. I can't really believe I'm the first to post these, but I guess somebody had to be first.

These have been called "Throwbacks" and "Gray Backs". I'm not sure what Topps calls them. As with the WalMart black cards, there is no marking on the box to tell you what is inside except for the code above the UPC, 1-825-50-12-9. I decided to just post a couple from the World Series teams of last year.Note the old-school Topps logo on the front. Topps changed logos after the 1981 season.
The card backs aren't just gray, the cards are printed on gray card stock. The card stock has some texture to it like old-time cards before white card stock became the norm.
The front of the card is glossy, like the regular cards but you can feel the slight roughness of the card stock through the gloss. They also have the same silver foil as the regular cards.
I believe that they are a little thicker than the regular cards. The packs come with the same inserts. I got one Turkey Red and one Gold Bordered card (which is printed on regular white card stock). The box also featured one of the Historical Commemorative Patch cards. I got this one.
I know these are just manufactured patches but I like them. I've got 4 and have the Mike Schmidt coming in the mail from eBay.


night owl said...

I posted one of the throwback cards. But I didn't show the back.

The cards are OK. Too similar to the regular set. Why anyone would collect both is beyond me. (Although I'll be tracking down the Dodgers for both).

shanediaz82 said...

That's a nice looking Yastrzemski patch!


They do have the feel of older cards but the front is pretty similar.I did a post also ( )and participated in a box break at Grand Cards ( If you got an American League ERA leader card check this :