Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - Quantum of Solice

We've always been James Bond fans and have been looking forward to this movie since we first saw the trailers months ago. My daughter, who watched the previous movie recently, really liked the movie. My wife and I, who haven't seen the last Bond flick since it was in the theaters, were disappointed. Would we have liked it better if we'd re-watched the last movie first? Who knows. Our main problem is that we had no idea what was going on. Perhaps I shouldn't expect too much plot in a big bang action movie, but at least I expect to be able to figure out at least some rational for what the characters are doing. There's a lot of action. A top-notch car chase, a top-notch foot chase, a top-notch boat chase and even a top-notch plane chase. Bond takes unbelievable punishment but doesn't slow down. Some reviews I read suggested this is a revenge movie, that Bond goes on a senseless killing spree to avenge his girlfriend who dies at the end of the last movie. I didn't think the body count was any higher than usual. And Bond doesn't seem to kill with more than his usual callousness. If you're a big Bond fan, go and see the movie. But you might want to rent the last movie first.

For me, the most enjoyable thing I saw was a trailer for the new Star Trek movie. Yes, I admit it, I'm a big Star Trek nerd, have been since 1965. Not exactly a Trekker (I don't have a costume or a pair of Spock ears) but a big fan. The worst thing about the trailer - we have to wait until May 2009 to see the movie.


jv said...

Holy crap, that looks awesome!! I can't wait to see the Star Trek movie!

My wife has some weird idea that she wants to go back and watch all of the Bond movies in order.

I think I'll drink that week...

dinged corners said...

We didn't like the last James Bond movie at all...thanks for the warning about this one.