Thursday, November 20, 2008

Package from Scott - more 1987 Topps cards!

Scott from Hand Collated sent me 24 1987 Topps cards. If I've got my count right, I only need 33 more cards to complete the set. I thought I was nearly done about a month ago before I did a recount and found another 50 plus cards I was missing. The best card of the bunch was this Ozzie Smith card.
I'm not quite sure what Ozzie is doing here. Watching a ball fly over his head? Must have been pretty high. Among the rest of the cards he sent, I probably like this card second best. Topps had these Team Leader cards in a number of sets in the late 1980s. The players featured were not usually identified but they were usually one of the players listed on the back. So who is this old geezer featured on the Astros Team Leader card?Although I'm an Astros fan now, I wasn't in 1987. I was pretty sure that it isn't Mike Scott or Glenn Davis (two Astros I actually collected then but whose cards have since melted back into the commons boxes) on the card. He sure looked familiar however. The it hit me, it's Yogi Berra! I had no idea that he was a coach for the Astros from 1986 to 1989. As near as I can tell, this is the only major issue baseball card with Yogi in an Astros uniform. And, I also believe, it's Yogi's last major issue baseball card of his baseball career.

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