Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 Baseball Cards in Review - SP Authentic

This set was treated with yawns around the blogs but I bought a blaster box anyway. The set consists of 100 base cards (like the Ichiro below). The base cards are what I call semi-glossy. The player photograph is glossy while the background is not. I suspect this set was designed by ex-Fleer designers as this type of effect was used often by Fleer. The color strip across the middle roughly matches the player's team colors. There is a head shot of the player on the back, a short write-up about the player and 6 years of stats. The front has silver foil. There is a gold version available which I assume has gold foil instead of silver.
Beckett says there are 191 cards in this set. The other 91 cards are short-print rookie cards with either a jersey, patch or auto, or some combination of two. Needless to say, one of these did not show up in the blaster.
This C. C. Sabathia card is from a 30-card insert set called SP Authentic Authentic Achievements. The Achievement listed is a 11-strikeout shutout he pitched on May 14, 2008 as a Brewer. It might be a cool card if the photo was from the actual game mentioned, but obviously this was not. I got one of these in the box.
Lots of gold foil on this 50-card insert. On the back it describes how Jeter fanned all four times in his first match-up against Schilling. I got two of these in the box.
The card above is called Rookie Exclusives, I'm not sure what that means as I'm pretty sure I have other cards featuring Ian Kennedy. No stats on the back, just some player highlights. I got 4 of these. There is an autograph version as well. There were no autos or relics in the box at all.

Also featured in the set are SP Authentic Chirography Signatures Dual (15 cards) , Triple (10 cards) and Quad (5 cards) cards. Chirography, by the way, means, handwriting.

Another autographed set is SP Authentic Sign of the Times Dual (15 cards) and SP Authentic Sign of the Times Triple (10 cards).

Then there are SP Authentic USA Junior National Team Jersey Autographs (18 cards), SP Authentic USA Junior National Team Patch Autographs (18 cards) and SP Authentic USA Junior National Team Patch Autographs (19 cards).


deal said...

I agree with you all around on SP Authentic. I kind of like the embossing, but I would have preferred they let the whole shot in the picture. one of my Achievements cards was the Jimmy Rollins card so that made up for any shortcomings with this product.

Slette said...

If you wanna trade the double of that Jeter/Schilling, I'd be interested. BTW, big box of Phillies and recent-year Astros headed your way at week's end.

Motherscratcher said...

I know that people didn't seem to like the SP Authentic this year, but I figured I'd eventually bust a box anyway. Why not? I'm not too hard to please. They don't look too bad to me.