Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Package from Dan

Dan, over at the Saints of the Cheap Seats blog, emailed me to say he wanted to send me some cards from my 1987 Topps want list. He said he'd throw in some Phillies and Astros cards as well. His 'throw-in" amounted to 109 cards covering from about 1994 to 2000. Of these, I didn't have 60 of them. Wow. This just reminds me of how many baseball cards were produced in the mid to late 1990s. I had about 1900 Phillies and Astros cards from 1994 to 2000. Dan managed to find 60 I didn't have. Thanks Dan. I'm working on stuff from your want list but it'll be a week or so until I can mail them.

These are probably my two favorite cards in the bunch.

Craig Biggio 2000 E-X. Fleer produced these E-X cards from about 1997 to 2003. They changed the name some years (for example, 1999's cards were called E-X Century). For most of the print run, the cards were made of clear plastic. 2000's cards were on heavy cardboard but were nice and shiny with a rainbow refractive coating. I only had 2 of this set in my collection and neither were a Phillie or Astro.
This is Jeff Bagwell from the 1995 Fleer Pro-Visions insert set. What's not to like about this card? Bagwell was coming off a monster year in 1994 when he hit for a .368 average with 39 home runs. He lead the National League in runs scored (104), slugging percentage, total bases and rbis (116). He was on the All-Star team, won a Gold Glove Award and was National League MVP. Could Jeff Bagwell launch a space shuttle with his bat? In 1994, there didn't seem to be too much he couldn't do.

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Spiff said...

Nice package. Any interest in a team lot trade, Phils/Astros for Rangers? If so shoot me an email. Thanks.