Saturday, November 29, 2008

The quest for 1987 Topps

When I started writing the blog, some 200 posts ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. There were a handful of other blogs about baseball cards I'd found and was reading, but I had no sense of where it might lead. For one thing, I had no idea that I'd be trading baseball cards through the mail.

Today I received 18 1987 Topps Card from Ben at 88 Score. In addition to 1988 Score he also collects 1987 Topps. He sent me some of his doubles. I'll be sending him some of my doubles and a handful of 1988 Score cards.

One thing I like about '87 Topps is the subset cards. The first 7 cards is the "'86 Record Breaker" subset. In 1986, Todd Worrell set a major league record for saves in a rookie season with 56. 36 saves was also good enough to lead the NL and win him the NL Rookie of the Year Award. I think Todd's record may still stand.
Here's another subset card I got from Ben, the 1986 All-Stars. On the back of these cards Topps featured league leaders in some stat. Hernandez was 6th in runs scored in 1986 with 94. Tony Gwynn and Von Hayes lead the league with 107.
It's also fun to look at old cards (this set is over 20 years old now) for the uniforms. Back in 1987, when interleague play was thought to be impossible, I didn't get to see the White Sox play very often. Is that really Fisk's uniform number on his pants? The other reason I'm showing this card is to contrast it with the next card. Topps varied the color behind the player's name to roughly match something in the team's colors. But the colors choices were limited to light blue, dark blue, red, orange, mustard, yellow, and green, so sometimes the colors didn't blend that well with the uni colors, like in this Fisk card.
But sometimes the color was perfect. The name box green, the uniform green and the green in the logo match perfectly in this card below, featuring Mark McGwire. This is not McGwire's Topps rookie card, that was in 1985. It is his second Topps card. Compared to his later self he looks like a runt on this card.
And a glorious checklist card in all its wood-grained goodness. This also happens to be the last card in the set.


night owl said...

For some reason, I love the A's and Cardinals cards from '87 Topps. They just work (well, except the airbrushed Mike Laga card).

Motherscratcher said...

I like the 87 Topps set. It was just when I was hitting my stride as a collector and it was still pretty new. I remember that McGwire card was BY FAR the pull to get.

I always thought that 87 Topps looked like someone put up posters in my Grandma's basement and then made baseball cards out of it. Maybe that's why I liked it so much. My grandma was a hip, hip lady.