Friday, August 8, 2008

Trade with Throzul Will Rull

Thorzul announced a contest he called Trade Me Your Brewers! For 20 Brewers cards he would send back 20 cards of your favorite team. And then he would score the cards he got and the highest score would get a dual relic card. So I thought, I've got a lot of cards and I've got a lot of Brewers cards, most of which I don't really need. So what the heck? I've got two favorite teams, so he sent me Astros and Phillies cards.

The first 4 are from the 2001 Upper Deck Victory set. We're off to a good start. I don't have many cards from this set and I had no Phillies or Astros. Glen Barker I don't remember to much about. Daryle Ward was penciled in to be the next big thing of the Astros but wasn't. The Astros let him go after the 2003 season and he's knock about since then, not being able to land a starting role. Bruce Chen, who wants to talk about him? Kevin Sefcik was a part time player but an important part of the all Kevin infield that the Phillies could field in 1995. Besides Sefcik at 3rd, they had Kevin Stocker at short, Kevin Jordan (2nd, 3rd or 1st) and Kevin Elster (SS, 1st of 3rd). And just in case another Kevin was needed, they had Kevin Flora in the outfield. It must have been fun when someone called "Hey, Kevin!" in the Phillies clubhouse.
1998 Score Rookie/Traded - Scott Rolen cards are always appreciated but I already had this one. Bobby Abreu cards are also appreciated, and this one I didn't have. Abreu was an Astro before he was a Phillie.
1997 Zenith - Another great Rolen card which I already have.
2003 Fleer Tradition - Lance Berkman and Pat Burrell cards are always appreciated, but I had both of these. I always like this year of Fleer Tradition. The design was based on a 1970s Fleer set and they've used the design a few times since then.
2004 Fleer Inscribed - I have 18 2004 Roger Clemens cards in an Astros uniform, but I didn't have this one. Easily the best card in the lot. I still have a soft spot in my heart (or maybe in my head) for Roger.
2007 Bowman - I bought a lot of this set and have both of these. Gimenez has had only 2 AB for the Astros (back in 2006). Bourne has the potential to be a great lead-off guy but he's been hurt too much this year. He's also a former Phillie.
2007 Ultra Brad Lidge and 2006 Bowman Heritage Prospect Koby Clemens. Two more cards I have but good choices. Lidge was a big favorite here in Houston although he didn't have a good year in 2007. He's now having a great year with the Phillies, saving 28 of 28 chances. Clemens has yet to make it to the majors. I got his autograph at the 2006 Spring Training season, so I'm hoping he'll make it big.
2006 Bazooka 4-on-a-Sticker Not only didn't I have this card, I didn't have any of these, even though I bought a couple of blaster boxes of the Bazooka product. And it's Pat Burrell in the upper left corner.
2008 Bowman Chrome Prospect - I haven't started cataloging my 2008 purchases yet so I had to pull the cards out to see if I had this. A good choice, but I had it. Maybe this guy will hit it big, but Beckett doesn't think so as yet.

2008 Upper Deck Series II. Tejada has become a favorite this year in Houston and I'm glad the Astros got him. I didn't realize Jenkins was with the Phillies until a few days ago. It's fitting he's in this set since he was a long time Brewer and I sent Thorzul a few of his cards. Eaton was the Phillies first round draft pick in 1996 but the Phillies traded him with two other players to the Padres for Andy Ashby. Not a good trade. Eaton's been an ok pitcher and the Phillies signed him as a free agent before 2007. He was 10-10 last year but only 4-8 so far this year. I don't know much about Feliz. He was acquired this year from the Giants. I had all of these except the Eaton card.

So of the 20 cards Thorzul sent, I already had 12. But most were a good selection and I particularly like the Roger and the Bazooka cards. You can see what I sent him here. So far, with 7 entries, I'm winning the contest.

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