Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nice Card File - Ryan Howard

I just mailed off a box of Yankees cards to Eric in return for the box of Phillies and Astros cards he sent me. Eric's been a busy guy lately completing massive trades with Steve at White Sox Cards and Bart at baseballcardman. Eric must be up to his neck in Yankees cards by now. But I imagine there's no better place to be if you're a card collector and a Yankee's fan. Here's hoping that Eric likes the cards I sent him as well as I like what he sent me. One of the cards he sent was this Ryan Howard relic card from 2008 Topps Heritage. It's my one and only Howard relic card. It even has a stripe.

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Slette said...

I absolutely loved what you sent back to me, especially that Pettitte UD jersey card. Thanks again, and I look forward to firing off another group of Phillies (and newer Astros) to you in the near future!