Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trade with Andy

I've been busy making trades the past week or so. Andy, over at 88 Topps Cards offered me some Phillies cards in return for filling in some holes in his 2008 Goudey set. I'd only bought on blaster box of these but I had some cards he needed.

The pest card he sent was this Cole Hamels jersey card from Upper Deck's 2008 A Piece of History set. I'd bought a box of these cards back in July, which I posted about here, but I hadn't gotten any Phillies or Astros in the box. The memorabilia card I got was from a movie. Now I have Phillies jersey card, and with a strip no less. He also sent a couple of other Phillies, the regular Cole Hamels card and this Ryan Howard card.
A Piece of History also includes "Historical Moments" cards, usually having nothing to do with baseball. Andy sent this Ben Franklin card. I think that I'll just call him the first Phillie.
He sent some other cards, including some 2008 Gouday (which I didn't have) and some 2008 Topps and Upper Deck cards. I haven't cataloged my Topps and Upper Deck purchases yet so I don't know if I have them or not.

And finally, he sent some 2003 Topps All Time Favorites. This was a set of cards which Topps issued 2003-2005 which featured reprints of of older Topps cards. I only had one Phillie from the 2003 set, now I have 5 more plus a couple of Astros.
Thanks, Andy.


Andy said...

funny typo...the "pest" card. Heh.

capewood said...

Darn spell checker! We need an intention checker. As in, did you intend to say 'pest' instead of 'best'?