Friday, August 29, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Prince

We seem to be in the doldrums of summer as far as movies are concerned. We've seen all the movies we wanted to see with the exception of the new X-Files movie (I know it wasn't supposed to be very good) which is gone from the theaters, and Mama Mia, which is hanging on, but never seems to be playing at a good time. Wanting to go to the movies and having no better choice, we went to see The Mummy. The first Mummy movie was pretty good, if not exactly original (can you say Indiana Jones?). The second was loud, with wild fantastic special effects, but not as good as the original. The third, well, its a disappointment. I, frankly, wasn't expecting much, but I was still disappointed. The special effects, we've seen them before. That effect of an army turning to sand? Been there done that. And the story had almost the same plot as Hellboy II. Evil guy has to gain immortality so that he can raise his indestructible army and conquer the world. If Brandon Frasier was red and had horns, the movies would have been hard to tell apart. Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are totally wasted. And Rachel Weisz does not return. Her replacement was a poor replacement. I give this movie 1.5 capes (out of 5).Trailer of the week: The Spirit. This is a movie directed by Frank Miller based on a comic book series by Wil Eisner. I know nothing about the comic, but the trailer makes me want to see the movie.

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