Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - Hancock

Hancock got mixed reviews but we thought the trailers we saw looked interesting so we decided to see it. The movie has been out for almost a month and I guess interest has waned. We saw the movie with 3 other people. We liked the film. It is different from most of your superhero movies in that its not (as far as I know) based on a comic book. The story may not be all that original. Derelict superhero gets back his faith in himself, cleans himself up, faces a great personal challenge and pulls through. Change "superhero" for "Western sheriff", "New York City cop", "spaceship captain" or "businessman" and you've seen the story before. But if we stopped going to the movies because there aren't any new stories, movies would never have been invented in the first place. Some reviews have mentioned the "twist" in the story. Well, I didn't see it coming. My wife said she saw it in the trailers but even after re-watching the trailers, I'd have been hard pressed to spot it. There is about 1 second in each trailer which hints at it. Anyway, we liked it. I expect you'll have to get out to see it soon or it will be gone. We were going to see the new X-Files movie, regardless of the reviews, but it was showing at an inconvenient time and an inconvenient place. It will be gone by next week.

Trailer of the week was for the new James Bond movie with the inscrutable title Quantum of Solace. He is apparently out for revenge for something, but is he really?

I give Hancock 3 capes (out of 5).

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White Sox Cards said...

I've been curious about seeing Hancock. Maybe I'll go see it when it hits the second run theaters.