Friday, August 22, 2008

Trade with Michel

The other nice thing (the first is that sometimes people just send you stuff) about baseball card blogging is that I have an opportunity to make trades with people. I recently put up a (so far) short want list. All I've got on there so far is 1987 Topps. I'm not a set collector but I really like this set and decided I'd like to have the whole set. I could probably go on eBay and buy it for $5 but there no fun in that. Michel saw my post and offered me 19 cards I didn't have in the set. In return I was able to make a substantial dent in his 2001 Topps set needs.
One of the things I like about this set (or any 1980's set, I guess) is how the uniform and team logos have changed since then. The White Sox don't look anything like this anymore.

In addition to 1987 Topps, Michel sent me some random Phillies (my want list post also says I collect Phillies and Astros). I had a lot of the cards already but the one's I didn't have were pretty good. I had exactly one 1996 Leaf Preferred card and it wasn't a Phillie. Now I have 3, including the Dykstra card above. 1996 was Dykstra's last year in baseball due to severe back problems.
Another was this 1985 O-Pee-Chee card. I only had three of these, and none were Phillies. The O-Pee-Cards were a version of Topps cards for the Canadian market. The fronts look exactly like the 1985 Topps except for the logo. The backs are similar except the text is in English and French.

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White Sox Cards said...

It worse than you can imagine. The White Sox uniforms didn't even look like that in 1987. The one pictured on Harold was last worn in 1986. For a taste of the 1987 uniforms, check out Andy's 1988 Topps blog.