Friday, August 29, 2008

Trade with Phil

This trade started as a swap of super shiny cards and grew from there. A couple of weeks ago I posted some 2008 Topps Chrome cards over at A Pack A Day. One of the cards was a Chrome X-Factor card of Yovani Gallardo. Phil saw that and asked if I'd be willing to trade something for it. I looked over on his blog and saw he posted some 2008 Topps Chrome cards as well, including this Hunter Pence card. It didn't sound like he was too interested in Pence, so I offered the Gallardo for Pence. He agreed, then offered me a bunch of 1987 Topps cards from my want list for Brewers cards. So I pulled out a bunch of 2001 Brewers and the deal was made. You can see what I sent him here.The Pence card is from Topps Cards History of Baseball Cards insert set. The scan doesn't do it justice. The finish is mirror-like which just doesn't scan right. The design is from some 1922 set which Topps doesn't identify beyond W573.

I've recently completed two trades involving 1987 Topps. I've reduced my want list from over 100 cards to about 30.


White Sox Cards said...

This set was sold in toy stores and has a similar design to the American Caramel cards from 1922.

Motherscratcher said...

OK, let me get out my calculator. %10 of the BV + $6 for the trade comes out to ......$11.57.

Please send your money order to Beckett. Thank you for trading.

Dubbs said...

Glad you liked the cards, and thanks for the cards you sent me. Like I said, you like Pence and I like Gallardo. That's what card trading is about these days!