Monday, August 11, 2008

300 All-Time Stars Baseball Cards in 1988 (4)

This is a continuation of a series of cards listed in the 300 All-Time Stars Baseball Cards published by Consumer Digest as an investment guide for baseball card collectors. See the previous post here. To recap, any text in quotations is a direct quote from the book. I give an inflation adjusted value for the 1988 price in parentheses. And a note on price comparisons from 1988 to now. I don't know where Consumer Digest got their prices but I'm using Beckett for current prices because it's convenient. If you really want to know what a card is worth try looking for it on eBay.

Jack Clark - Clark was a 13th round draft pick of the Giants in 1973. He moved to the majors in 1975, had an 18-year career with the Giants, Cardinals, Yankees, Padres and Red Sox. He hit 340 homeruns (good for 81st on the all-time career list) and 1,441 K's (#53 career). The book doesn't have much to say about Clark's potential future card values beyond saying that if he stays healty it should help his cards. From 1987 on he played pretty complete seasons. In 1992 he was released by the Red Sox after batting just 0.210 for the season. Clark's rookie card, a 1977 Topps card is listed at $10. Beckett lists that card today at $3.00. Not much up-side potential there.

Will Clark - Will the Thrill was the #1 draft pick for the Giants in 1985 and debuted in the majors the next year. He played 15 years mostly for the Giants and the Rangers. Collector's apparently weren't too interested in his rookie cards in 1988, "in favor of more glamorous rookies such as Jose Canseco, Wally Joyner, and Bo Jackson". Clark had a pretty good career hitting 214 home runs and batting 0.303. He was also a 6-time All Star. But his chances for the HOF look slim as he's been retired for 18 years. His 1986 Topps Traded card, listed in 1988 for $1.50 is still $1.50. On a personal note, in the only game I ever saw at Candlestick Park, Will Clark hit a walk-off home run in extra innings to win the game. I saw this game in September and it was the coldest baseball game I ever attended.

Roger Clemens - What ever happened to this guy? "Clemens has captured the fancy of both card collectors and fans. Expect his cards to sell at top prices, and hang on to those you already own - they will appreciate in value as long as he stays healthy". Of course, Clemens went on to have a very long and very successful career, winning 354 games over 24 years and 5 Cy Young Awards. The book lists his 1985 Topps rookie card at $8.50 ($15.72). Beckett lists the card at $25. His 1985 Fleer card has done better, from $7 to $30. It may be too soon to tell how the recent steroids allegations may hurt his card values. The Fleer card was listed as $40 a year ago while the Topps card hasn't changed.

Vince Coleman -"Watch for Coleman's cards to appreciate in value, as he is the kind of exciting player collectors love. Any of Coleman's cards acquired at this point will be a good bet for the long haul". 1987 was Coleman's 3rd year in a row of stealing over 100 bases. But his career started downhill in 1986 as injuries , personal problems and run-ins with the law hampered him. In 1993 he threw a lit firecracker into a crowd of fans and injured 3 children. This is not the way to get into the Hall of Fame. His career ended in 1997 after 6 games for the Tigers in which he batted 0.071. He did manage to steal 752 bases which is good for the #6 spot in the career list. The book lists his 1985 Topps Traded rookie card at $4.00. It's no better than a common card today.

Dave Concepcion - "Oddly enough, most card collectors do not regard Concepcion as a true superstar, and his cards normally don't trade as high-ticket items". 1988 was the last year of Concepcion's 19-year career, all with the Reds. He was a 9-time All Star and an important part of the Red's Big Red Machine in the 1970s. He was a great defensive player but with not enough offense to get him into the Hall. His 1971 Topps rookie card was listed at $3.75 ($6.47). Beckett lists this card at $15 today making it a pretty good investment.

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