Monday, November 28, 2016

What do baseball players like?

"What do baseball player's like? is often a question that can often be found on the backs of baseball cards. Not such a useless hobby after all. Let's try to answer this question using a pack of 2015 Bowman I recently acquired in a repack box.

Anthony Rendon is a huge fan of Double Decker Tacos. He eschews social media (he apparently does not have a Twitter handle) and enjoys watching the History Channel. Just a regular guy.

Madison Bumgarner enjoys fishing. And roping cattle. Well, who doesn't?

Francisco Mejia's favorite movie is "Scary Movie 4" and his favorite dance song is "El Prendedar", which as near as I can tell means "the pin".

 Taylor Williams, the Brewers #4 draft pick in 2013, enjoys camping.

The 6'3" Austin Meadows likes the movie "The Interview" (the 2014 Seth Rogan and James Franco movie where they play journalists who conspire to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un), basketball and steak.

James Dykstra (no apparent relationship to Lenny) is a Justin Timberlake fan.

Well, here's something I hadn't seen in awhile:

Topps used to do this quite a lot, Photoshop a player into a different uniform. Well, no matter what uniform he's painted into, Nick Tropeano is a fan of professional hockey, likes the movie "Rocky" (released 14 years before he was born) and actor Vince Vaughn.

And finally, Christian Yelich enjoyed the movie "American Sniper".

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