Monday, November 14, 2016

Some 1988 MInor League Cards

I'm still working my way through the backlog of repacks I bought this year. I always like the ones that have loose cards because you're liable to get anything in there.

This particular repack, in addition to having 4 packs of cards, also had 50 random loose cards. Among them were some minor league cards from 1988.

1988 ProCards
These ProCard sets from the late '80s and early '90s were huge. This set has 2,175 cards in it, including this card of the Indianapolis Indians broadcast team. At this time the team was the Triple A affiliate of the Expos. Players such as Delino DeShields, Andres Galarraga, Marquis Grissom, Randy Johnson and Larry Walker played there. I'd have loved to have gotten one of those guys from this set. As it is I got Kellman and Akins. Nothing in Wikipedia about them. I'd have to say that this may perhaps the dullest card in my collection. But since it's the only card I have from 1988 ProCards, into the reference book it goes.

1988 CMC Triple A All-Stars

This is a colorful 45-card set of Triple A All-Stars, which I've never seen before. I know that the copyright on the back is 1989 but recognizes this as an 1988 set.  I got two of them.

While it's always nice to get these types of cards which feature future MLB stars, usually you get players you never heard of. I can't say I'm familiar with either of them but at least they made it to the majors.

According to Wikipedia, Medina is one of only a few position players who batted right handed but threw left handed. In his 3-year career he managed to hit 10 home runs with 16 rbis. This gives him the distinction of having the fewest home runs of any MLB player to get exactly 10 home runs. Who thinks up these stats?

Rolando Roomes spent 8 years in the minors before making it to the Reds in 1988. You'd think they could have at least spelled his name properly. He too only lasted 3 years. His biggest problem was strikeouts. In 406 AB he struck out 130 times (over 30% of his plate appearances). He only managed 14 walks in that time.

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Tony Burbs said...

That first card might be pretty boring, but it's certainly a time capsule in regards to late 80's fashion - those are some great sweaters!