Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 Topps Update

As of this posting, I haven't heard anything from Topps about the blaster I bought last week which was filled with already opened packs, mostly containing non-Topps cards (see here). By now, I've returned this box to Walmart and got my money back. I took that money to Target to buy another blaster. I had also bought a 72-card rack box which was normal so I've got something to talk about.

There have been eight basic kinds of cards in Topps Update over the last few years. This leads to a bloated set. This year's set 'only' has 300 cards compared to 400 last year. The rack box yielded 63 base cards with no duplicates.

Rookie Card

 Snell appeared in just about every release Topps had this year, including Topps Chrome, but not in Topps. That is the case with several of the Update Rookie cards.

Rookie Debut

I kind of like the concept of this card. It highlights the player's first game. I'd rather that all rookie cards took this route. Severino actually made his debut in 2015, but did not appear as a rookie in any Topps sets in 2015.

Rookie Combos

I also am generally favor of this type of card although it causes me some cataloging problems. It harks back to years ago Topps sets when multiple player rookie cards were the norm. I'd prefer that the players be on the same team however.

All-Star Game

I don't mind the All-Star Game cards although I think there should be less of them, or they should be put in next year's base set. At least this card appears to be from an All-Star game. That looks like Buster Posey behind the plate. There are several different teams in the dugout behind although I don't know why there is a guy who appears to be wearing a Padres jersey in the same dugout as a guy (David Ortiz?) in a Red Sox jersey. The Padre appears to be checking his Facebook status. One problem (to me) with the All-Star Game cards is that you sometime end up with a guy appearing on two cards in different uniforms, like this.

Home Run Derby

We can just do without these. With there already being too many All-Star Game cards, these really lard up the set. By the way, there are three Corey Seager cards in this set. He also has an All-Star Game and a Rookie Debut card. And he has a rookie card in the base set. He made is debut in 2015.


Assuming there is one of these for every team, here are 30 cards which could be eliminated. I'd like to see these and the Home Run Derby cards replaced with some season highlight cards.


OK, doing double duty as checklist and highlights cards. No problem with that.

Players that changed teams during the year

Which is what this set used to be about when it was called Topps Traded. Benoit started the season as a Mariner, finished as a Blue Jay. His regular Topps card shows him as a Padre, his 2015 team. There are several Mariner's cards of him from other 2016 sets.

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