Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My 400th Mike Schmidt Card

My regular readers (you know who you are) should know that Mike Schmidt is my favorite player. I reached a minor threshold with my 400th Schmidt card. I don't have nearly that many cards of any other player. I've actually had this card since May but am only getting around now to scanning it.

The bad news is that the number of Mike Schmidt cards dropped dramatically in 2016. According to, there were 204 Mike Schmidt cards last year, if you count base cards, inserts and parallel cards. This year there are only 19. And all but one of them are various Panini releases and parallels. The only non-Panini card this year is a Topps Tier One relic, serial numbered to 1. Fat chance I'll ever see that.

Anyway, here's my 400th Mike Schmidt card.

Panini Diamond Kings Heritage Collection

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Tony Burbs said...

Congrats on the collecting milestone! Here's hoping Schmidt gets a little more love in 2017.