Monday, November 7, 2016

The Worst Relic Card Ever!

I've been working my way through various repack boxes I bought over the summer. In one box I came upon a pack of 2012 Panini Triple Play. This was the first year for this revived brand name. I reviewed it here. I can't say I really cared much for it.

I almost didn't open the pack, but, of course, I did. I didn't expect much and wasn't disappointed in the player selection. There were no Phillies, Astros or players I collect. But then there was this.

It's an anonymous baseball jersey snippet. No claims are made for the piece beyond calling it "Authentic". Being authentic doesn't mean it's from a major league player (or any player), or that it was used in a real game (or even attended a real game). My guess they bought a roll of fabric that's used to make jerseys.

And it's not even an insert. The last 6 cards of the 300-card set are these "Real Feel" cards. Each has a piece of baseball equipment on it, like a bat or base.

This set is clearly meant for kids. As I asked in my original review, will kids like this?  It's not hard to find on eBay an actual, game-worn jersey, of a player you care about, for much less than a blaster box of this product.


arpsmith said...

I ended up putting together this entire set including the "relics". I can't remember which ones but a couple were very hard to track down. I agree it is kind of lame but the set collector in me had to finish it up.

Larry said...

I think the goal is for those cards to tell kids about jerseys, not the fact the swatch was used [or not] by any particular person, living or deceased.