Friday, November 4, 2016

2016 Topps Update Extreme Wierdness

I bought a blaster of Topps Update yesterday. The box says " one 500 HR Futures Club Medallion Card!"

Along with the 10 packs, there was this:

No surprise here, this is they way they usually pack these special blaster cards. What was a surprise is what was inside:

Three 2008 Upper Deck Documentary cards
One 2007 SP Legendary Cuts
One 1994 Ultra
One 2013 Topps promo card
One 2008 Upper Deck promo card

What an extraordinary collection of junk!

My guess is there was some spectacular screw-up at the distribution center where the box was packed.

I'll let you know what Topps has to say in reply to my email.

I wrote this up before I opened the rest of the packs. Although the box had been sealed when I got it, all 10 packs were opened and only one actually had Topps Update in it. The other 9 packs had weird junk like the photo above.  Really WTF!


Wilson said...

I would guess it was someone with a shrinkwrap machine returning an opened and resealed blaster to the store, rather than a factory mistake, although that seems like a lot of work for little payoff unless they returned a whole lot of them.

Ryan G said...

What Wilson said. People pull crap like that all the time. They might have opened the whole thing and just returned it open to the store - and the clerks don't know any better and just shrink wrap and return it to the shelf.

I'd take it back to the store and raise a fuss. They should actually look at what they take back from other customers. Then, get yourself a box with Topps shrink wrap on it.

capewood said...

@Ryan and @Wilson. Not a bad theory, except the 500 HR medallion wrapper wasn't opened. And two of the packs actually contain Topps Update. Another pack is half Topps Update and the rest is a recent Leaf issue. I'm waiting to see what Topps says. I got a automatic response to my email. Taking it back to the store is my most likely recourse.

Commishbob said...

That's crazy. Capewood you are in Houston as I recall. Which Target did you buy this at?

capewood said...

Walmart actually. The one at I-45 and FM 646 in League City.

Hackenbush said...

Strange if it were Topps seeing as there are Upper Deck and Fleer cards there. That is curious. I can just imagine your face when you opened it.

B Man said...

happened to me when I bought a blaster of Bowman Chrome-and all the packs were opened the good ones removed and 1986 Donruss replacing them!

Stan Denski said...

Don't know how else to contact you since I was banned fro Facebook for a week.....

GCA said...

Happened to me in 2008 or so with a box of Upper Deck. They put 1994 UD in it with multiple Bip Roberts cards. That's how Bipping got started.