Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your 2012 Phillies

If I understand the Phillies web site correctly, this is the Phillies 2012 Opening Day Roster.

Catcher: Carlos Ruiz 2012 Topps Opening Day #160
Carlos had a fabulous spring at the plate, hitting .479 in 48 at bats.

Catcher: Brian Schneider
This will be Brian's 3rd season catching behind Ruiz. I've yet to see a Phillies baseball card for him.

First Base: Jim Thome 2012 Topps Heritage #296
Facing the prospect of missing Ryan Howard for maybe the first half of the 2012 season, the Phillies had to do something at first. Thome isn't the guy he was when he last played for the Phillies but he should do well. They also signed right-handed Ty Wiggington who can play first.

Second Base: Freddy Galvis
Chase Utley didn't play at all this spring and looks to start the season on the DL. Freddy hit .280 in 82 at bats this spring.

Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins 2012 Topps Opening Day #77

Jimmy is signed with the Phillies through 2015. He doesn't look to have had a great spring, only batting .238.

Third Base: Placido Polanco 2012 Topps Heritage #71 
Placido hit .429 in spring training.

Infield: Ty Wigginton
Wiggy (where do they come up with these nicknames?) can play third or first and I imagine we'll see him in a platoon situation with Thome.

Infield: Pete Orr
This will be Pete's second season with the Phillies as a utility guy. He has played every position except 1st and catcher.

Right Field: Hunter Pence 2012 Topps Opening Day #161

Pencil Pence in at right field.

Center Field: Shane Victorino 2012 Topps Opening Day #30
And no questions in center with Shane.

Left Field: John Mayberry
I'm going to guess that we'll see a revolving door in left field with right-handed Mayberry the main guy but left-handers Pierre and Nix getting playing time as well.

Outfield: Juan Pierre

Juan is a 12-year veteran with some speed but not much power.

Outfield: Laynce Nix

Nix is a 9-year veteran with some power but not much speed.

Starting Pitching: Roy Halladay 2012 Topps Opening Day Fantasy Squad #29

Roy is coming off a 19-6 year and we should expect more of the same. He will be the Opening Day starter.

Starting Pitching: Cliff Lee 2012 Topps Heritage Stick-Ons #38
Cliff is coming off a 17-8 year with 6 shut-outs. He had a 2.45 ERA in 25.2 innings this spring.

Starting Pitching: Cole Hamels 2011 Topps Kimball Champions #112
Cole would be the ace of almost any other staff, here, he's one of the guys. He will pitch the home opener on the 9th.

Starting Pitching: Vance Worley 2012 Topps Opening Day #56
Don't forget that Vance was 11-3 last year.

Starting Pitching: Joe Blanton 2011 Topps #469

Joe was hurt much of last year so it's good to see him back.

Starting Pitching: Kyle Kendrick 2011 Topps #341
I think Kyle is the forgotten man of this staff but he's been dependable for a few years.

Bullpen: Jonathan Papelbon 2012 Topps Heritage #136
The Phillies signed Jon to a $77MM 5-year contract. He's averaged 37 saves/season over the past 6 years.

Bullpen: Antonio Bastardo 2012 Topps #287
The Phillies bullpen was riddled with injuries last year. Antonio managed 8 saves for the Phillies but I guess he won't get that many opportunities with Papelbon in the pen.

Bullpen: David Herndon 2010 Bowman #194
Dave was 1-4 with one save in 54 innings for the Phillies last year.

Bullpen: Chad Qualls

The Phillies got Chad as a free agent from the Padres. The Phillies will be his 5th team in the past 6 years.

Bullpen: Joe Savery
 Joe was the Phillies #1 draft pick in 2007. He threw a couple of scoreless innings for the Phillies last year.

Bullpen: Michael Stutes 2011 Topps Update #117
 Michael was the Phillies 11th round draft pick in 2008. Last year, his first in the majors, he was 6-2 in relief.

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