Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #21

Card #4377
1993 Studio Superstars on Canvas #8 Mark Grace

This 10-card set was randomly inserted into 1993 Studio. Since this is the only one I have, I probably got it from a pack.

Card #12393
2009 Topps Heritage #33 Randy Johnson
I noted that I paid 39 cents/card for 2009 Heritage. I only paid about 30 cents this year.

Card #6633
2005 Fleer Tradition #69 Barry Larkin
I always kind of liked this set. It had an old fashioned design feel without copying any particular design. This also the last rear for Barry Larkin cards as he retired in 2004 after a 19-year career.

Card #27859
2011 Topps #423 Hideki Okajima

Card #15157
2010 Topps #159 Vernon Wells

Card #9260
1991 Topps #173 Jason Grimsley
Before he was a drug dealer (allegedly) he was a pitcher (allegedly).

Card #18075
2007 Upper Deck Goudey Red Backs #7 Ivan Rodriguez
The 2007 wasn't as goofy as the 2008 Goudey.

Card #6991
Not everything in my image database is an actual baseball card. This is the cover from the August 1997 edition of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly. In 1997, the sky still seem the limit for Junior.

Card #1999
1988 Donruss Rookies #1 Mark Grace
Another Mark Grace card. He is a Player I Collect.

Card #17830
2000 Stadium Club Onyx Extreme Die Cuts #6 Alex Rodriguez
Die cut, silver foil, textured printing, this card has it all. This parallel insert set (there was a non-die cut version as well) was inserted at a rate of 1:60. I got it in 2010 at one of the few card shops that remain in Houston. I paid $2 for it (Becket as it at $2.50).

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