Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1993 Gary Carter cards

I am in the early stages of scanning all the cards I have of Players I Collect. I'm currently working on Gary Carter (it's going to be a long time until I get to Todd Zeile).  Carter retired after the 1992 season, having spend that season back with his first team, the Expos. There are 4 major card issues of Carter in 1993. I have 3 of them but managed to find an image for the fourth. You will notice the similarity among these cards immediately.

1993 Donruss #122
According to Beckett.com, that's Kurt Manwaring getting down with Carter. I thought it was Matt Williams.

1993 Select #55
I don't own this card. I'm not sure who Carter is giving the shoulder to but it's clearly a Dodger. I imagine that the photo on the back is from the same play.

1993 Topps #205
Here's Carter in the dirt with Fred McGriff. The Crime Dog was with the Padres in 1992.

And finally,

1993 Upper Deck #219
I can't tell for sure, but I think this is the same play as pictured on the Donruss card.

I have 52 other cards of Carter from his playing days and only one of them shows him in a collision at the plate. Yet all 4 of his 1993 cards do.

Sadly we lost Gary Carter earlier this year to brain cancer. He was only 57 years old.


flywheels said...

I love those action shots. I need to go back through my junk wax era cards and look to see if I have any of Gary.

night owl said...

I think the Dodger is Mike Scioscia. It's a little hard to tell.

jacobmrley said...

Way waaaaaaay too much hair to be Matt Williams.