Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 Topps Heritage The Wrap-up

Here are just some cards from the set that have stuck my fancy for one reason or another.

What do instructions do you suppose that the photographer gave Ross? Smile? Look natural?

Last year, a lot of the Heritage cards featured players with their hats off. This year it seems like lots of wild hair.

I though this pose looked familiar.

And I was right.

Since their couldn't already be a photo of Papelbon in a Phillies uni in the field, this has to be Photoshopped. There is a lot of Photoshopping of players into their new uniforms in this set. I think Topps, in saluting the 1963 set, should have made the Photoshopping more obvious.

Smile? Look natural?

George Clooney in the Bruce Bochy Story coming to theaters in 2019.

Beltran is pictured as a Cardinal, his new team, on the front, but the back says Giants.

On the Chrome Refractor version of this card, he's still a Cardinal on the front, but the back says Cardinals.

Clearly, the general instruction to the players from the photographer was "Look serious", although in this picture Danny looks like he's caught sight of something up in the stands.

The cards numbered over 425 are supposed to be short prints, although I don't know how short. This is card 455. I pulled 7 of these supposed short prints from my 3 blasters.

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