Friday, March 9, 2012

Post 900/4th anniversary

The 4th anniversary of the blog was actually in early February. I thought it was in late February so I missed it. I decided to wait until this post, my 900th,  to celebrate. This will be a retrospective post. I'm linking to the Top 10 posts in terms of what Goggle claims were page hits.

I seem to be averaging about 20-30 hits per post these days. Since I read somewhere that the average blog has one reader (no doubt the author), I'm doing way above average. It was interesting to see that a lot of my early 2008 posts have no hits, even to this day. Maybe I should post a listing of those.

This walk down memory lane was fun for me, which after all, is the main reason I do this blog - because it's fun. I hope, if there are posts here you haven't seen, that you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed pulling them together.

#10 - 6/17/2011 463 hits

Movie of the Week - Super 8

#9 - 11/2/2008 473 (In case you're wondering, the tree has long since passed on).

Bonsai - Lemon Tree

#8 - 3/18/2009 518 hits

1992 Topps Mcdonald's Baseball's Best

#7 - 7/27/2009 580 hits

2009 Topps Catcher Cards

#6 - 5/17/2011 587 hits

Phillies-Brewers Retro Night

#5 - 12/28/2009 618 hits

Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia PA

#4 - 11/27/2008 627 hits

Frosty Friends 1980 - 1982

#3 - 5/9/2011 704 hits

2011 Topps Attax - Does anyone care?

#2 - 2/17/2009 1047 hits

2004 Topps Cracker Jack Box Break Part 1

#1 - 12/5/2009 1597 hits. Maybe I'm getting hits from people looking for hamburger coupons.

1979 Topps Burger King Phillies


Hackenbush said...

Regarding the zero reader posts, if it were lazy me I'd repost those suckers. Like they used to say on NBC, "if you haven't seen it, it's new to you."

Greg Zakwin said...

Happy Anniversary!


Congrats on 4 years and 900 posts!

night owl said...

Happy 4 years!

I get depressed when I list my all-time most viewed posts because it's obvious the bots went crazy clicking on it because the post had a certain word in the title.

(The word "post" in a title, for example, guarantees loads of hits).

Play at the Plate said...

Congrats on both counts..900/4 years!