Saturday, March 3, 2012

2012 Topps Manufactured Patches

Let's take a break from 1991 cards for a bit. I'll get back to the rest of my 1991 collection soon. I promise.

For a number of years Topps has included manufactured patches in their blaster boxes. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of these but I don't mind having the ones featuring Phillies. There are two types available this year, The Historical Stitches Patch Card and the Retired Number Patch Cards. I bought 2 blasters of Series 2 Topps this year (one from Target and one from WalMart so I could get the Target and WalMart parallels) hoping I'd get one of each type of patch. No such luck.

My only real beef with these cards is their thickness! Impossible to get into a 9-slot card page. Certainly these are not unattractive cards but neither of them are Mike Schmidt. To eBay we go!

I paid about $12 each for these (including S&H) which I didn't think was too bad.

There are some other Schmidt cards out there that I'd like and I'm willing to trade either or both of the DiMaggio and McCovey cards to get. I'm thinking the relics, autos, Retired Rings or World Series Pin.

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