Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #14

Card #9329
1990 Bowman #154 John Kruk
 Bowman dropped the over-sized design of 1989 but kept the crazy stats on the back for 1990.

Card #30726
2011 Topps Cognac Diamond Anniversary #67 Vladimir Guerrero
Topps had a couple of variations on this technology in 2011 and it was kinda fun. But something very like it is back for 2012 and I'm tired of it already.

Card #21580
1997 Donruss #233 Ricky Otero
Otero was a centerfielder who made 189 appearances for the Phillies in 1997-1997. Another phorgotten Phillie.

Card #14277
2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve #237 Scott Rolen
The old random number generator is tossing up a lot of Phillies today. This was a parallel set to 2000 Upper Deck. I only have 3 of these, all Phillies and all acquired from The Night Owl in trade. Thanks Greg!

Card #28164
2002 Upper Deck #252 Billy Wagner
I picked up this card during the 2011 Summer Clearance Trade.

Card #22367
2010 Topps Chrome #116 Jimmy Rollins
More Phillies! Almost 25% of the cards I have scanned are Phillies so I guess we're going to see a bunch of them.

Card #21003
1994 Topps #1994 Tyler Green
One of my favorite Topps designs from the 1990s.

Card #11041
1989 Score Rising Star #88 Ricky Jordan
Ricky was one of those guys who never quite lived up to their potential. It didn't help his career any when the Phillies acquired John Kruk mid-way through the 1989 season either.

Card #6126
2004 Upper Deck Power Up #10 Rocco Baldelli
This was one of the weirder sets of the 2000s. The black area on the upper left is silver foil. There were a number of different colored parallel sets which had higher point values on the back. You could redeem the points on Upper Deck's web site for prizes but I never bothered. I am the proud owner of the Griffey Blue parallel which was worth 1000 points!

Card #21861
2000 Metal Fusion #3 Scott Rolen
This 15-card set was inserted into 2000 Fleer/Skybox Metal packs. each card featured a pair of teammates but why it was called Fusion is beyond me.

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Hackenbush said...

I have a few of the Power Ups. They're so weird that I like them. They came in a football version too.