Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Cards From My Collection #17

Card #7587
2003 Stadium Club Royal Gold #124 Andy Marte
2003 was the final year for Stadium Club, with an encore year in 2008. The Royal Gold parallel card had gold foil instead of silver, a gold background color on the back, and a thicker card stock than the base card.

Card #4247
1996 Topps Chrome Wrecking Crew #14 Mo Vaughn
This 15-card set was inserted at a 1:24 ratio in 1996 Topps Chrome. I bought all of two packs of this product but managed this insert.

Card #16034
2009 Topps Update #225 Gregorio Petit
Petit played 25 games for the A's in 2008-2009. This is probably a photo taken at spring training considering that the base runner is sporting uniform number 98. How many cards do think feature Mr. Petit? According to, when you take into account minor league cards and parallels, there are 92 Gregorio Petit cards.

Card #3110
1992 Fleer #72 Dave Winfield
Winfield played over 100 times as many games as Gregorio Petit. He also played for 22 years, vs. 2. In his 19th season, Winfield played 156 games, batted .290, with 26 homers and 108 RBIs. He also won the Silver Slugger award, the Branch Rickey Award and the Babe Ruth Award. He is a Player I Collect.

Card #811
1995 Fleer All-Fleer #8 Tony Gwynn
This was a nice 9-card set available via wrapper redemption in 1995. I acquired the entire set for $4 in 2005. The cards appear to be laser-cut, which was very popular with the card companies back then, but it's not.

Card #16959
2007 Fleer Rookie Sensations Jeremy Sowers
This fairly unattractive card is part of a 20-card set inserted into 2007 Fleer. I guess the set wouldn't have been hard to complete since one was inserted into every pack. The card has a plain, non-glossy finish with gold foil lettering. Rookie Sensation or not, Sowers finished his 4-year career in 2009 with an 18-30 record.

Card #1060
1997 Donruss Signature Autograph #39 Bobby Estalella
In 1996, Donruss was the first company to offer an entire parallel set of autographed cards. This was the legendary Leaf Signature set, which, with the Extended set, offered over 500 autographed cards. In 1007, they followed up with Donruss signature, a much less ambitious project, but still ahead of it's time.

Card #11809
2004 Topps Cracker Jack #190 Rene Reyes
Another card from one of my all-time favorite sets.

Card #7989
2007 Fleer Soaring Stars Derek Jeter
Another insert set in 2007 Fleer. This 20-card set was inserted 1:2 packs. There were a lot of inserts in this set. You may remember that this was the final year of Fleer, which was produced by Upper Deck.

Card #22521
2004 MLB Showdown Trading Deadline #9 Doug Glanville
I never did figure out how to play this game. Actually, didn't care to learn.

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