Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Cards From My Collecton #15

Card #4595
2002 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection #49 Marlon Byrd
A nice card to start with. I always liked the Diamond King relic cards. Very solid feeling. I like that they show a picture of the actual jersey that the swatch came from on the back.

Card #5663
1989 Score Rookie/Traded #88 Jim Abbott
Abbott is a Player I Collect that I featured in a post sometime last year. He was 12-12 with the Angels in his first season as a professional baseball player. He is one of the few players to be drafted out of college and go directly to the majors.

Card #6824
2006 Fleer Tradition #113 Ryan Zimmerman
The first year that Upper Deck owned Fleer produced this colorful set. Lots of yellow, like on the 1991 Fleer set. But after 26 years, it will be the end of the Fleer name in baseball cards.

Card 29857
2011 Topps Stickers #76 Mike Moustakas
Did you like these last year? I can't say I was in love with them. I bought a handful of packs just to have a few, which is not a ringing endorsement. If they don't come back this year I won't miss them.

Card 17678
2007 Upper Deck Future Stars #64 Alex Rodriguez
Why was this set called "Future Stars"? I only bought a few packs, I have 48 cards in all. You would think that a set called "Future Stars" would have a high percentage of rookie cards or maybe draft picks. In 48 cards I got exactly one rookie card. Also, I am ambivalent about cards with abstract background like these. The design is way too busy for a base card.

Card #31699
2012 Topps Timeless Talents #23 Edgar Martinez/David Ortiz
Hey, a 2012 card! I don't have too many of these as yet. One of the myriad inserts to 2012 Topps.

Card #29922
2011 Topps Update #49 Rickie Weeks
In the 2011 All-Star Game, Weeks was 0 for 3 but got on in the 5th on a fielder's choice, stole second, and scored the Nationals 3rd run on a single by Ethier.

Card #20309
1990 Topps #356 Randy Ready
Could 1990 Topps be the ugliest set they ever produced? The ugliest set anyone has produced? And as if the set isn't bad enough, I have to post one of the cards which has a purple border. Purple has no place on a baseball card.

Card #18613
2010 Topps Allen & Ginter #245 Michael Dunn
OK, maybe the cumulative weight of Allen & Ginter cards makes up for 1990 Topps.

Card #1163
1997 Ultra #525 Sid Fernandez
Sid only managed to appear in one game for the Astros in 1997 but got on two 1997 cards as an Astro. This one and 1997 Fleer. He threw 5 innings on April 5, 1997 and got a no decision. It was his last game. Sid had played for the Phillies in 1995 and 1996, making the Phillies the only team in baseball to have had two Hawaiian natives play. I made that up, but it could be true.


Hackenbush said...

Funny about the ARod card. He only has 2000 hits and 464 Home runs. We still think he'll be a star some day. Is there an Albert Pujols card in the set too? That guy has potential!

jacobmrley said...

The mets had Ron Darling and Sid Fernandez on the same team. Benny Agbayani also later played for the Mets.