Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Night at the Movies - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This movie has ben out for several weeks. It didn't get a good review in the Houston Chronicle but this is pretty much a review-proof movie. If you like this sort of thing you're going to go see it. We like this sort of thing.

We both liked it well enough. It wasn't Star Trek but very few movies are. The plot kept moving and it did what the title implied, told us the origin of Wolverine. In the X-Men movies, Wolverine has no memory of his past life. I don't know if Wolverine's origins have ever been explored in the comic books. I was always a DC Comics guy myself. Not that I buy comic books any more. Too expensive. If you like this sort of thing and haven't seen it because of the poor reviews, go see it anyway. Spoilers are ahead.

According to the movie, Wolverine was born in Canada in the 1840s and his real name is Jimmy. How he came to be known as Wolverine is told, but not how he also came to be known as Logan. He has an older brother named Victor, who is, apparently, also known as Sabertooth, although I don't remember him being called that even once in the movie. Victor and Jimmy don't get along too well and have a few dramatic but ultimately pointless fights to illustrate the point. I say pointless because both of them are basically immortal and they can't really hurt each other. There are other assorted mutants woven into the story, and Wolverine rescues a bunch of them (including what's his name, the guy who shoots fire bolts out of his eyes). They all get taken off by Captain Picard. And Wolverine gets shot in the head with bullets made out of the same sort of stuff his metal bones are made of. This apparently scrambles his brains and although he recovers, he can't remember anything (except how to read and speak English).


Dave said...

Sweet, I enjoyed the review

Ben said...

My girlfriend and I went to see it a few weeks ago. We both really liked it too but the whole Jimmy/Logan thing got us.

She wished there had been more Gambit, and I guess she's right because when he showed up near the end to rescue everyone I'd forgotten all about him being in the movie.

It had some flaws, but in the end it was a LOT better than the third X-Men movie. I slept through about half of it.