Friday, May 22, 2009

Jerry Koosman - Tax Evader

Did anyone see this story about Jerry Koosman? It seems that the former Mets and Phillies star hasn't been paying his Federal income taxes. And why not? Because he studied the tax code and came to the conclusion that income taxes only applied to federal workers, corporate employees and District of Columbia residents. He works for himself (signing autographs and what ever) so he thought he was exempt. He's 66 years old and could go to jail for a year. He's apparently paid back the taxes he owed so maybe they will just let him off with a fine.


dinged corners said...

Memo to Jerry: lovable losers still must pony up the taxes. Good thing you're used to wearing stripes. But we love you anyway.

Matt P said...

I was just shocked to learn he lived in Wisconsin. The state also wanted Rollie Fingers to pay back taxes as well. If I were Chris Bosio, I'd start going over my old pay stubs.