Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I blog therefore I am

This is the 6th Blog Bat Around. I haven't participated in one of these before but I thought I give it a try. Here are the Top Ten Reasons I blog about baseball cards.
#1 I love baseball and this gives me a chance to write about baseball.
#2. I love collecting baseball cards and I love talking about my collection. I've pretty much bored everyone I know (including my long-suffering wife) about my collection but here I'm talking to others who love baseball cards as well.
#3. I have a lot of baseball cards (67,782 different cards). I'm sure there are folks who have more cards than I do and folks who have better baseball cards than I do but I've go a lot of cards and a lot of interesting cards. There is always something to write about.
#4. I like to write and this is something I know something about that I can write about. BTW, it was real hard to find a card with a player wearing a #4.
#5.Were I live, baseball card collecting has become a solitary hobby. There are no decent card shops around and I don't know a single adult who collects cards. Here I can share my collection with others.
#6. I continue to blog because of the community. I didn't expect this when I started. I've met a bunch of friendly, generous people here.
#7. No number 7. Just an excuse to post a Mickey Mantle card.
#8. My blog is called Capewood's Collections because I collect other things than baseball cards. I collect Cliff Walk postcards, music, bonsai plants, and books (not so much to buy but to read). So I write about these other things as well on occasion. Most of my hobby energy goes into my cards so that's what I write about the most.
#9. Because I can. I've thought this concept of blogging was interesting for awhile and had been looking for an idea. I discovered baseball card blogs early last year and said to myself, "I can do that".
#10. I've got opinions and and I don't mind sharing them.


White Sox Cards said...

All valid reasons! Kudos for the Baines pic.

night owl said...

Oh, no, no, no. Ron Cey is Number 10. Forever and ever.

Nice post.

--David said...

Nice post! I love the "I can do that" philosophy!