Monday, May 4, 2009

Fairfield Repack Box

With no new product in the stores, and desperate to open something, I bought one of those Fairfield repack boxes. The ones with the hinged lid and the mystery box inside. The box had the usual collection of junk wax, most of which I'm either going to give away or throw away. Of interest was a complete, sealed box of 1990 Score Rookie & Traded. Or at least it would have been of interest if I didn't already own the whole set. The mystery box had an interesting collection of cards. In addition to a clear cellophane wrapped package of 32 Upper Deck cards there was the following:

2007 Artifacts MLB Apparel - Jorge CantuThis was my guaranteed at least one relic card. 2007 was the second year for this product, and it was a nice set. This is before it turned into Artifact - A Piece of Cr... I mean History.

2004 E-X
I didn't have any of these. The front is covered in purple and silver textured foil. Quite extravagant. Randy looks like he's going down the drain.

1988 Topps All-Star
An oldie but a goodie. These glossy inserts were available in rack packs.

1992 Whitehall Legends To Life
My 2007 Sports Collector's Digest catalog has finally failed me. I can find no mention of this. However, has the card. This was a 5-card set. I already had the Cy Young card. It's a pretty nice hologram, which of course looks better in person then in the scan.

2005 Fleer Showcase
Showcasing History was a short-printed subset of 2005 Fleer Showcase. I didn't buy much of this product but I have 5 of these subset cards.

1994 Conlon The Sporting News Burgandy
I used to see a lot of these Conlon cards in repacks. I haven't seen one in awhile. This was the burgundy parallel to the 1994 version of the cards.

1997 Pacific Prism
I showed the back of this card because I've never seen a White Sox player in a green jersey and hat before. St. Patrick's Day? This card will probably find its way to Steve in Chi-town. Wilson's head in the bottom left is on a piece of clear acetate inserted into the card.

2004 Fleer Legacy
After the Artifacts relics card, this is the best card in the box.

2000 Pacific Crown Royale
Die-cut with lots of gold foil. What's not to love? I already had one of these so this will make its way to John in Merry England.


night owl said...

Yeah, that was a lot better than what I received.

White Sox Cards said...

There were some nice cards in there, for a change. The Sox wore green uniforms in Spring Training for St. Patrick's Day. At some point, they started wearing them in September for the "Halfway to St. Patrick's Day" promotion.


Looks like you picked a pretty decent box compared to some. I picked up that Whitehall set on ebay a few months ago. They are nice.Do you have many Conlon extras you want to trade away?

jackplumstead said...

And he will be extremely happy about receiving it!