Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I finally found a blaster box of Upper Deck Goudey in Target yesterday. No promises of relics or autographs in every box (on average) but I was pretty pleased with the selection of cards I got. The cards below are what I got out of the box for my reference collection. In addition to these I also pulled Matsuzaka, Astros Lee and Oswalt, Pettitte, Phillies Utley and Rollins, and Ichiro. The 20th Anniversary card features Nolan Ryan.

Albert Pujols #178While I suspect that the original cards had white borders, they usually give these vintage reproductions yellowish borders to simulate the card looking old. I'm not sure that was a wise choice here because the background colors are so bright. But you can't go wrong with Albert.

Michael Bowden #26
Any rookie card will do at this point. I only got a few of these anyway.

Cal Ripken #20
Probably my favorite pull from the box.

Ron Santo #206
According to, this is a short print. Most of the retired players are short printed, but not the Ripken card.

Hanley Ramirez #282
From the Heads Up subset. This is the only one of these in the box.

Don Mattingly #224
The only Sport Royalty subset card in the box. I always enjoy getting Donny Baseball cards.

Roy Halladay Mini #193
According to, the minis come with 3 different back colors, black, green and Navy Blue. I got 3 minis. The backs all look like the regular cards which is sort of blue. So I'm assuming this is the Navy Blue back.

There are 4 different border colors. I'm assuming that this maroon color is the base. The others have Black, Blue or Gree borders. I have three of these. I chose this on for the reference since it featured 4 catchers.

4-in-1 Blue
Only one of these. It features all Cubs.


night owl said...

Well, we're not seeing eye-to-eye on the Ripken card, that's for sure.

I like the head's up cards and the 4-in-ones are kind of neat. But that's about it.

capewood said...

I didn't quite say I love the set. It pretty much looks like all the previous year's of this set and it's getting boring. I am happy with the cards I got, unlike, say the Piece of Cr..I mean History cards where I didn't like the set or the cards I got.

Mike B said...

I don't know what it is, but for some reason Goudy does nothing for me. Allen and Ginter, Topps 205...I love those types of sets, but Goudy just doesn't catch my eye. I should probably re-visit it sometimes because the blogosphere is raving about it.