Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Series 2

I bought a blaster box and a jumbo pack of Upper Deck Series 2 last weekend. Surprise! The cards look just like the Series 1 set! Of course.

The most interesting card in the blaster box was this.This is a Goodwin Champions Preview card. I don't see this on Upper Deck's calendar of upcoming releases (which only goes to June 3 anyway). Albert looks like he has joined the cast of the TV show Lost in this picture. After a little digging I found the 1888 Goodwin Champions set. It was introduced as a competitor to Allen & Ginter. There is a short article on the cards on Wikipedia. I got this image from Wikipedia.
There were 8 cards featuring baseball players in the 50-card set. The set is also mentioned in my 1989 book Great Book of Baseball Cards. I checked, nobody is selling any of these currently on eBay. My 1989 book says these are in plentiful supply but too expensive.

On the blaster box it said "ONE JERSEY CARD inside!" I took this as a promise, no mention of "on average". This is want I got.
Hopefully this guy will be a big star one day.

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